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We have moved!

06 Dec 2018

Hi everyone, we have moved to Head over there to keep up to date with what we're up to and check out our new online shop. For the meantime you can still ... Read more

Details - Pre Order Available Now!

25 May 2017

Hi everyone, we have a brand new min-album which has just gone up for pre order. The record is called "Details" and it has 7 tracks. We did a mini album for 2 reasons. Firs... Read more

New release coming 2017

11 Nov 2016

We've just finished recording our next release and more information is coming very soon. We can tell you that it was recorded in 4 days at The Nave studio in Leeds, England with pr... Read more

New album available now!

25 Nov 2015

Hi everyone, our new album Chemicals Of The Imagination is now available exclusively from our online shop! It's currently the only place to buy the new record and will be on ITunes... Read more

October Tour Dates!

04 Aug 2015

After a very long time, we are heading back out on the road! We'll be at the following places with our friends Dave Giles and Danny Gruff in October. Here are the dates and ticket ... Read more

New Album! Chemicals of the Imagination

03 Jul 2015

It's here! We're proud to announce that our new record is nearly finished, and it is called Chemicals of the Imagination. We've put everything we have into this record and hope so ... Read more

Album pre order coming soon...

02 Jul 2015

These past few months we have been going in and out of the studio, recording our 4th album. It's an album we never thought would come. Not only because we started the band for fun ... Read more

Greetings from Barcelona!

21 Jun 2015

Hola from Barcelona! It's so beautiful here. We're going to be on EL MÓN A RAC1 ( tomorrow morning if anyone would like to tune in, around 11am (10am UK time... Read more

Vine, Instagram and Periscope links

14 Jun 2015

Hey everyone, we're just finishing up our new album. We're going to have some new info really soon. For this record, we really wanted to make sure that we documented the whole proc... Read more

Secret Garden Party announced!

25 Apr 2015

Tom Simkins announced on his BBC Introducing show tonight that we'll be playing Secret Garden Party this year! We're excited to take a break from recording our new album to play so... Read more

New Sharks & Bears EP - Out Now!

18 Oct 2014

Following on from the release of our EP Social Jetlag last week, Glock's side project Sharks and Bears new EP "What Doesn't Break You Makes You Strong" has just been released! Pick... Read more

Social Jetlag EP out now!

05 Oct 2014

Our brand new EP "Social Jetlag" is out now! It's available on iTunes here and Amazon MP3 here.  We hope you like it, and thanks for your continued support.The Candle Thi... Read more

Social Jetlag EP announced!

25 Sep 2014

After our break up, here's a day we thought may never come. We're really pleased to announce the Social Jetlag EP, our first new material since All's Well That Ends Well. We celebr... Read more

China Tour - Nov/Dec 2013

19 Aug 2013

We're currently on tour in China and having the most incredible time. We've been absolutely staggered by the awesome people we've met, the amount of people at the shows and how man... Read more

New Album Update

11 Mar 2013

So apart from a few backing vocals, hand claps, a flugel horn solo (not joking) and a guest vocal track we've officially completed all our work for 'All's Well That Ends Well'It's ... Read more

Album pre order coming soon...
Written by Scott   

These past few months we have been going in and out of the studio, recording our 4th album. It's an album we never thought would come. Not only because we started the band for fun and we never envisioned us making it this far, but also because we decided to end the band after All's Well That Ends Well. There was no big fall out, no musical differences. But the end was very real to us. I was so emotional at our last show. I didn't think I would be able to make music again. I done. Then we got offered a tour of China and it brought us back to life. It's always been the way with the band that whenever we feel like calling it a day, for some reason something pulls us back.

We've worked so hard on this new record and we hope so much that you like it. It was a record made purely because we wanted to make music again. It's very similar to the excitement we felt during the recording of Balloons. We're thrown every single bit of money we can at it, and we’re nearly finished, but we're going to announce an exclusive limited edition pre order very soon to hopefully help get it over the finish line.

We just wanted to say thank you so much to each and every one of you who buys, listens or comes to see us play. We're so glad our band didn't end and we are forever grateful for the support you have shown us.

Much love,
The Candle Thieves


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